The security of your client’s account and personal information is our top priority, so we are excited to announce an upcoming online security enhancement that they will experience when accessing their 529 account. No action on your part is necessary and this does not currently affect the 529 QuickView log in process.

The login process will soon require your clients to authenticate their identity using a PIN that will be generated and sent to them via text message or a phone call to the number they indicate.

Once authenticated, they may elect to designate that particular device as trusted. By doing so they will not be required to enter a PIN the next time they sign into their account from that device. They can designate as many devices as they wish including their computer, smart phone, and tablet.

Please note, with this enhancement, aggregator service providers such as: CashEdge, Personal Capital, and Mint will no longer be able to login to the account using your client’s username and password. For your client’s security and convenience, we will provide the functionality to create a sub-account with limited access to enable these aggregators to retrieve certain data from your client's 529 account.

For more information on this security enhancement, please review the FAQs.

We know that top service and security for your clients is important to you. This security enhancement is just one of many recent online improvements we’ve invested in to make saving for college easier. If your clients aren’t already web registered, there’s never been a better time to recommend they do so.