529 QuickView: Frequently Asked Questions

What is 529 QuickView?

529 QuickView is a web-based portal (www.529quickview.com) that was developed to provide financial professionals with easy and secure access to 529 information on their clients' Ascensus College Savings-administered 529 accounts.


What information is available on 529 QuickView?

The amount of client information that is available on the site depends on your level of access. The portals complete capabilities include:

  • Client profile information: Name, address, phone, email, beneficiary name, and representative/advisor information.
  • Account balance: Portfolio type, total assets (principal and earnings), and transaction history.
  • Transaction processing: Contributions, qualified withdrawals, allocation changes, exchanges, and transfers.



What 529 plans are available on 529 QuickView?

See a list of available plans.


Do my clients have to give me permission to view their accounts?

Depending on the plan, each client may need to grant authorization by completing an account access authorization form, available on the individual plan's website or by calling the appropriate 529 plan's help line. The help line can also confirm whether your client has submitted the appropriate form.


What information do I have to provide at registration?

When you first go to www.529quickview.com, you will be asked to supply information on your dealer, branch, and representative number (or CRD Number), firm access level, and client account number(s). Once your registration has been approved, you'll receive your access authorization by email.


What is the safeguard for deciding who has access?

During the registration process, you will provide Ascensus College Savings with a unique user name, password, and account access level. The password must meet certain minimum requirements for security purposes. Ascensus College Savings will conduct several validation checks prior to providing access to client account information.


Can I download the client information to my computer?

Yes. You can download account balance data to Microsoft Excel.


How often is data updated?

529 account information is updated daily, as of the prior night's market close.


How secure is this site?

529 QuickView was created with a focus on security. There are four built-in security factors:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Password protection (at least 8 characters long and contain at least 3 of the 4 following criteria: upper case, lower case, numeric, or special characters such as !, @, #, $, % etc.)
  • Timeout of authentication sessions
  • Strict registration requirements



Are there any technical requirements for using this browser?

No. All you need is access to a standard web browser.


What if I need help with the site?

Support is available in two different ways:

  • Technical questions: If you have problems with the site, such as logging in or a forgotten password, or if you have a question about account access, you can call the 529 QuickView Help Desk at 1.888.823.4348, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Plan-related questions: If you have questions regarding detailed plan information or with a particular client account, call the appropriate plan's service line.